Fast Facts

  • Climate change occurs as a result of "greenhouse" gases.
  • “Greenhouse” gases including carbon dioxide (CO₂) and methane become trapped in the earth’s atmosphere, causing a warming effect – similar to what happens in a greenhouse.
  • 97% of leading scientists around the world agree that climate-warming over the past century is very likely due to human activities. A warmer atmosphere can hold more moisture, which leads to more dramatic weather, e.g. floods, tropical storms and tsunamis.
  • Australia broke all hottest summer records in 2013.
  • “We cannot solve the problems that we have created with the same thinking that created them.” Albert Einstein.

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Adapting to Climate Change

Evidence shows that Australia will get hotter and drier over the next 10 – 20 years because of climate change. This will also increase the risk of bushfire.

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Animals and Plants

As the climate changes, animals and plants need to make travel plans, relocating so they can ‘weather’ these changes.

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What can you do?

Ideas and tips that can help lighten your footprint, meaning the little things you do can help to reduce climate change.

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