Looking for simple, hands on environmental activities with Australian Curriculum links? Look no further! Below are many of the resources produced by Greening Australia for Educators to download and use with school students from a variety of levels.

Each activity has links to the new Australian Curriculum. Educators will also find the Greening Australia Biodiversity Audit Kit. The kit can be used by schools to audit the school grounds for habitat quality. An action plan can then be developed for your school grounds and simple actions taken to improve Biodiversity and Habitat values in your school grounds.

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Establishing understory vegetation (.pdf)

Diagrams, photos and essential advice for the installation of understory vegetation on school grounds.


Establishing nest boxes (.pdf)

The how-to on nest box building at school with suggested building materials, animals to target and websites for further information.


Establishing an indigenous Garden (.pdf)

Information on aboriginal techniques and plant uses when creating an indigenous garden with different native Australian plants.


Establishing a rain garden (.pdf)

How to create a water saving school garden, this guide contains useful links and basic instructions.


Establishing a lizard lounge 101 (.pdf)

A guide to creating a garden habitat for native lizards with simple instructions, information and further links.


Toolbox for Environmental Change

This is the ‘one stop shop’ for curriculum resources, networking and ideas for taking environmental action and promoting sustainability within school communities.

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School programs and professional development

Find out more about the education and training programs provided by Greening Australia.

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Volunteering with Greening Australia

Volunteering with Greening Australia is a great way to have a direct impact on the health of our environment. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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