Greening Australia would like to thank all its partners to the Green Hub and Sustainability Learning Centre for their ongoing commitment and support. Further information on how we work with each of our partners can be found below.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please get in touch!

 Greenhub Partners

hydro_tas_327x120Water for Life – Catchment Care.
Hydro Tasmania is a founding partner of the Sustainability Learning Centre and  has partnered with Greening Australia to deliver catchment discovery programs to primary and secondary aged students.
Water for Life will be delivered as part of the programs on offer at the new Sustainability Learning Centre based in Hobart, TAS.

Greening Australia are proud to be RACV’s Community Environment Partner for 2012-13.  The project we are working on with RACV’s support is the school Green Miles project. Greening Australia will work with 10 schools in the Gippsland Area on the project. Using the new GA Future Carbon website, students will calculate their Carbon emissions from travel to and from school, in their homes and in their classrooms. The students will then be asked to change their travel and general energy use habits to lower their Carbon footprint. Participating schools will then be involved in Biodiverse Carbon revegetation days at Marlay Point, Lake Wellington,  to offset their Carbon use. An opportunity to present what they’ve done as part of the project will be provided at the Gippsland Toolbox for Environmental Change Forums in Gippsland.

tas_water_327x120TasWater has teamed up with Greening Australia to increases students understanding of the value of water. A unit called Water Warriors: Water Conservation in Action for the middle years is available to all schools and being delivered with the assistance of Greening Australia and TasWater experts.

hobart_city_195x254Hobart City Council has provided sponsorship of an educational interpretive display for Sustainability  Learning Centre, Mt Nelson, Tasmania.
The educational  interpretive display  will be situated in the Learning Centre’s Foyer.  It will be based on the building’s  key design features which make it a unique ‘Green Building’ in Hobart.

Building Sustainability: an Earn Your Stars project funded through the Tasmanian Climate Change Office. Students from Hobart College and Mt Nelson Primary School have helped develop resources, and prepared a trail to  identify the key features of the Sustainability Learning Centre. This has prepared students to implement energy savings in their schools.Practical Adaptation to a Climate Future: this project funded by an Earn Your Stars grant focuses on reducing climate impacts of drought and fire in the high risk area of Mt Nelson. Hobart College students have investigated fire management issues including research into the flammability of native plants. Students have helped plant out a wetland garden and a low flammability and drought resistant demonstration garden at the Centre. Mt Nelson Primary students have prepared a Backyard Climate Adaptation Toolkit for the local community.

Gum Nuts: Education and Conservation of Tasmanian Eucalypts.
Funded by a Dahl grant aimed at research on eucalypts, this program is focussed on developing strategies and resources to educate and involve the community in the cultivation and conservation of eucalypts, particularly as related to their significance to local environments.

transend_327x120Bushland Classroom is a partnership program between Transend, Greening Australia, AuSSI, the Lenah Valley Primary School and the community. Transend has supported this award winning partnership since 2010. The partnership was the successful recipient of the NAB Schools First Award in 2011. The Bushland Classroom Program, which uses the Haldane Reserve, the council grounds and the school grounds, was created to provide real-life experiential learning, including nature study, science, art, mathematics and ICT, incorporating multimedia, to motivate students who were disengaged in the traditional classroom.

Sustainability Centre Partners

The Sustainability Learning Centre is a joint initiative between Greening Australia, the Tasmanian Department of Education, the Catholic Education Office and Independent Schools Tasmania. This unique Centre has been built to showcase science, ecology and sustainability to students and the community, through hands on experiences both in the building and its bushland surrounds.

tas_gov_195x254As a partner to the Centre, the Department of Education seeks to provide every Tasmanian with the opportunity to continue to learn and reach their potential, to lead fulfilling and productive lives and to contribute positively to the community.

tas_catholic_327x120As a partner to the Centre, the Catholic Education Office aims to provide a holistic education for students, founded on the person of Jesus Christ and committed to developing right relationships through learning – relationships with self, with others and with the earth.

ind_schools_327x120As a partner to the Centre, Independent Schools Tasmania is the peak body supporting students at Tasmanian independent schools.