Catchment Carers’ Map

Share your knowledge of your catchment online with the world! As a class choose the best photos and drawings, then upload them onto our shared Google map – where all schools in Tasmania are adding their catchment carer news and photos.

View Tasmanian waterways in a larger map

How to add your pictures to the map

You can add your pictures to the Catchment Carers’ map here.

You will need to create a Picasa account to store your photos online before you can attach them to Google maps (you can’t upload them directly from your PC). It’s free and easy to use and all you need to do is download the software from

It’s easy to upload photos by dragging and dropping them onto Picasa web albums. To attach an image to Google Map:

  • Right click on the image in Picasa (or any image on the web) and choose ‘Copy Image URL’.
  • Then on the map page make sure you select the red ‘EDIT’ button so that you can create placemarks.
  • Select the placemark icon and click on the map to create a placemark.
  • In the placemark is an ‘Insert Image’ icon which you click and then paste in the URL.

If you have any problems with the above steps, please get in touch so we can lend a hand.