Tackling water wastage

Did you know the average Tasmanian uses most of their water at home in the garden? 44% is used to water the garden and 26% is used in the bathroom. The rest of the 100% looks like this;

  • Toilet = 13%
  • Laundry = 12%
  • Kitchen = 5%

With all this new found knowledge the Water Warriors couldn’t keep it to themselves. Watch their short films to see what you can do at home.


Try this:

  • Can you reduce the water you use this week by half?
  • Take photos of your water wise efforts and email them to us at: [email protected] We will then put them on our photo gallery and blog.

Water Warriors at Bryn EstynThe Water Warriors got up close and personal with some household waste water! They definitely needed to hold their noses…! They learnt about the many different processes our waste water goes through to become clean again.

The treatment plant at Bryn Estyn, near Hobart, treats 150 mega litres per day. That equals 150 Olympic swimming pools per day! They treat the water from the Derwent River, which is the largest river in Tasmania, and supply 60% of all water for the Hobart area, as far as Kingston. 60% of Hobart’s water only takes 0.01% of the Derwent’s catchment a year. That is one big river!

Did you know it costs $1.5 million a year worth of power to push water all the way to homes around Hobart?

Try this:

Take a 2 minute shower – save water AND save power. That’s Double Good for our planet!

Info flash:

“A prawn farmer in north Queensland has developed an algae pond to treat waste water from the prawn operation – he then uses the pond to grow a type of seaweed – the seaweed is sold into Japan as a premium food to meet high demand, especially after the water pollution from the Fukishima nuclear incident” ABC Rural

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